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real vs fake?

It’s Green Monday here. Real vs fake? Real flowers vs fake flowers (excuse me, silk flowers…it’s all in the marketing message)? Real Christmas trees vs fake Christmas trees? It’s a quandary. In general, I prefer real things over fake things any day (with the exception of fur – fake will do). Real flowers are beautiful […]

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real talk

who gets the ring?

If you were given a ring like this one over here (thanks Mrs. Kristin Fielder Buehn for showing off your bling for this post), would you give it back if the engagement came to an abrupt end? Once the tears have dried up, the age old question becomes: Who gets the engagement ring? Does the

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gown bustling

tip on bustling your wedding gown… Make sure you bring someone with you to the store when you learn how to bustle your gown. Ideally this will be your maid of honor or at least someone who will be available at the reception. Have this person take a really close look at the hooks and

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Giving a good toast is challenging – so keep these points in mind: – Short, from the heart and to the point is always best. – If you have to read it, it’s too long (see above). – Make sure you have the room’s attention before you begin. – Hold the microphone very, very close

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