wedding traditions unveiled…

We talked on the TV segment today about wedding traditions and where they come from.

Here are few wedding traditions and their origins:

Best man – did you know that this comes from the tradition of a man going to another village to get a wife and he could possibly be met with some physical resistance…so he had to bring someone with him…and that would be the best man for the job. Thus coining the phrase!

Ring finger – Egyptians called it the vena amoris (vein of love) and believed it ran from the finger all the way to the heart.

Tying Shoes on Vehicle– the Romans would seal bargains by trading sandals. In a marriage, the bargain was the transfer of authority and responsibility of the daughter from the father to the new husband. The father would give the husband an old shoe of the bride’s and he would lightly tap her on the head, accepting this new responsibility. Later on, guests would throw their shoes at the bride/groom. So I guess people got sick of having shoes being thrown at them….and then started tying old shoes to the transportation vehicle.

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