wedding guests going broke attending destination wedding?

Today on the Good Morning America show they talked about the costs associated with destination weddings for your guests. On average, $490 per person ($980-$1,000) is spent by guests attending a wedding out-of-state, potentially more at higher-end resort destination locations. Many guests are admitting to going into debt trying to attend these weddings. They simply

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psa :: to wedding guests

Dear Wedding Guests: When you go to a wedding, please do not take the centerpieces AND vases from the reception, UNLESS you are told it’s okay by the bride or wedding planner. Often taking the FLOWERS is okay. But NOT the glass vases. Either way you should always have permission. Vases, tables, chairs, and even

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real talk

who gets the ring?

If you were given a ring like this one over here (thanks Mrs. Kristin Fielder Buehn for showing off your bling for this post), would you give it back if the engagement came to an abrupt end? Once the tears have dried up, the age old question becomes: Who gets the engagement ring? Does the

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out of town guests …

…remember to include your out-of-town guests at the rehearsal dinner if you can afford the extra head count. Also – another nice touch (and becoming a custom, rather than an option) is to have welcome bags waiting for them at the hotel. Remember to include amenities such as; bottled water, munchies, breath mints, and such.

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