how to be a good guest at a wedding …

We always talk about wedding planning, but what about being a good wedding guest? This is what you should do:

prior to wedding

You RSVP in a timely manner.
You let the hosts know if you have to cancel at the last minute; don’t just not show up!
You do not ask the couple if you can bring an extra guest (that was not on the invitation).
You do not bother the couple with registration info – ask someone else close to them.
You may send your wedding gift early to their address so it’s one less thing for you to carry.
You do not initiate or ask for special food, sitting or other special accommodating factors, unless asked by the couple.
You do not wear white or ivory dress.
You do not, I repeat, DO NOT attend the wedding if you don’t believe in this marriage. The only reason you will attend is so you can show your displeased face to everyone. Trust me, no one wants you there being miserable – take a stand and politely decline the invitation.


You arrive on time to the ceremony, (bonus points if you are early).
You leave your small children at home with a babysitter.
If you are an out-of-towner and have to bring the child, you arrange to have someone or yourself hold the baby OUTSIDE the church so they don’t hear her/him crying.
You do not get in the way of the photographer taking pictures.


You do not use the wedding reception as a “hookup” place for meeting single guys/girls.
You do not get sloppy, messy drunk. Which usually follows with making loud, embarrassing remarks.
You do not grab the microphone to make impromptu speeches without permission.
You do get the party started by dancing and asking others to dance.
You ask the bride/groom if there is anything they need. Or if you see they need something – just do it!
You do not monopolize their time, knowing full well that they have many guests to see.
You do not make derogatory comments about the reception decorations, flowers, wedding dress, mother-in-law, food, etc – because someone will hear it and it always gets back to the couple.
You will plan accordingly and allot enough time to stay for at least 4 hours at the reception if possible.Or at least until the cake has been cut.
If mother nature doesn’t cooperate with the outdoor reception, you will still be the best guest ever by pitching in and having a good time. Your friends/family just got married after all!!!!

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plan on!


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