spice up your reception décor …

On a tight budget?

Forgo the expensive floral arrangements and go for bold color! It’s the least expensive option and will leave the biggest impact on your guests. Ditch the white table cloths and spend your money on some cool linens. Anything with texture or satin will give the most impact; however, colored poly linens are just as good.Don’t be afraid to really mix it up – magenta, hot orange and pale pink. Having a fall wedding? You’re in luck – chocolate is the next black! Anything can go with chocolate – chartreuse, pink, orange.

If you envision an elegant white wedding – remember to include different colors of white – which will include bright white, off-white, champagne white, ivory, etc. Whatever look you want to achieve – you want to be sure you have the depth of color.

Have fun and most important…break the rules!

featured photo credit:  equinox photography

plan on!



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