cash bar vs open bar

Ever have this happen to you? Your good friends invite you over for dinner and as they serve your meal with a nice glass of wine, they inform you that your drink will cost $3.50. I hope you brought some cash.

I know. This has never happened. But it does at weddings and honestly, guests feel like it is the same thing. I’m not suggesting that every wedding couple have a fully stocked, open bar for their guests. Depending on the size of the guest list and the venue, that could be cost prohibitive. Your goal is to offer a variety of beverages to sooth your wedding guest’s tastes.

Complimentary beer and wine is pretty much the status quo. An alternative for the hard alcohol lovers is to pick 1-2 signature drinks. This won’t dent your pocket book as much as a fully open bar and you are being a good host.

featured photo credit: jesse and gena

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