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Dear Wedding Guests:

When you go to a wedding, please do not take the centerpieces AND vases from the reception, UNLESS you are told it’s okay by the bride or wedding planner. Often taking the FLOWERS is okay. But NOT the glass vases. Either way you should always have permission.

Vases, tables, chairs, and even votive candles are often rented by the bride and groom. And actually need to be returned OR paid for. So not only did you enjoy dinner, cocktails and dancing on your friend’s dime, but now you have also cost them extra money to reimburse what you just stole.

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Thank you.

ps I should add that melting candle wax on the linens because you are “bored” will not be received well.

pss Feel free to enforce these everyone-should-know-better rules at a wedding you are attending.

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  1. Amen! And if a planner or manager tells guests to please not remove the centerpieces for whatever reason, just adhere to them, don’t make a scene and call the planner something nasty …. We are just saving the couple money. And yes, this happens far too often.

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