choosing a wedding photographer

This morning’s wedding segment we talked about wedding photography. Now I won’t bore you with what to ask a photographer when interviewing them (there are a 1,001 questionaires out there). I’m going to give you some advice straight from an experienced planner’s mouth:

1. Make sure you find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. Besides your planner, that is the one vendor you’ll be spending the most time with. So, if you’ve narrowed down your choices to 2 different photographers – and the packages are about the same – then choose the one that you really “click with” the most. Trust me, your day will go much easier and you’ll relax more.

2. Find out the photographer’s style. Not just the types of pictures he/she takes but his/her approach to the day. Ask for references and ask the bride/groom about that. Again, while budget is important this is critical to you being happy on that day.

3. Finally, try not to interview too many photographers in the same day. Let’s face it, the pics will all run together and you will be more confused.

4. Please don’t believe the hype that you don’t have to use a “wedding photographer” for weddings…that it will save you tons of money to use any type of photographer. Capturing a wedding on film is an art. There are no do-overs. You can’t ask the bride/groom to re-kiss at the altar because you missed the shot. You need (seriously, NEED) a photographer that is experienced at weddings. They know the flow and can also anticipate the next event.

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