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We talked about video today on TV. I love, love, love wedding videography – it is a great compliment to the still photography shots. Both have a place on your wedding day.

Here’s the thing. You have to make sure you are hiring a professional videographer. Do you really want to spend $2k on a package and then have the camera not focus on people’s faces (yes! that happened at one of my weddings).

Questions to ask:
1. First of all, a videographer should be seasoned enough to show you 2-3 DIFFERENT weddings. Why do you not want to see just one? Well, cause that will be his/her BEST wedding!
2. Watch more than just the highlights. Everyone’s highlights are going to be the BEST ever!
3. You can ask about camera equipment, but unless you are into that nerdy technology – it will just go over your head.
4. Instead – watch the camera angles, transitions between shots, is the editing done well and provoke emotion?
5. Tell your photographer that you have a videographer. You expect them both to work together to deliver respective quality products.

plan on!

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