why NOT to hire us …

[Yup, you read the title right. Read on….]

5. You LOVE to research information. Maybe you know a thing or two about weddings, the real point is that you love to find extra time to research etiquette questions, customs, traditions and overall wedding info. Usually this is done on the internet while you are working at your desk (which doesn’t make your boss too happy) or investing in a dozen $6/each wedding magazines and multiple books at $30 a pop.

4. You are fantastic at planning things. You are good at planning and have no problems steering out personal family issues when everyone is giving you unsolicited advice. It’s no problem, because you always have it under control.

3. You prefer to find your own vendors. This is a lot of fun to do because it takes a lot of time and effort. The yellow pages is your friend and the internet. It’s interesting to get a lot of information from each vendor and sort through it all….hearing sales pitch after sales pitch.

2. You don’t mind telling your friends what to do. While you aren’t Bridezilla (puh-leeze, those girls are crazy), you certainly aren’t someone to be laid back and not tell your bridesmaids where to stand at rehearsal or pass out your own itinerary to the family. This is your wedding! You don’t expect to sit back and relax to enjoy it, you’d rather be in the middle of things and keeping everyone in line.

and finally, the number one reason you should not hire a wedding planner….

1. Your other friends worked on their wedding day, you expect to as well!
Why hire a planner when none of your friends have hired one? It’s silly to add that expense. After all, it is tradition that the bride get up early on her wedding day and set up the reception site, managing vendors and troubleshoot problems. There’s no relaxing at weddings…and if you don’t do it, it won’t be done right anyway.

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plan on!



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