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do not box in your wedding bartenders :: part five/finale

Part Five and the finale of our “don’t box us in” five part series about your wedding vendors! So far the series of “not boxing” in certain wedding vendors has probably made some sense to you, perhaps you it even made you think, aha?! So I bet you’re wondering why we would talk about your bartenders and

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how to financially enjoy your wedding day

Making purchases is exhilarating, but writing checks to pay for those purchases is financially draining (in more ways than one). Many vendors such as entertainment, transportation, ceremony soloists and pianist  will accept  their last payment installments on your wedding day. You certainly don’t want to be carrying around your checkbook, it probably won’t match your

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what wedding traditions should you keep? part four

Let’s keep going and discussing wedding traditions and which ones we should keep or ditch? #4 Wedding Tradition: Cake Toppers Many brides have been steering away from the traditional cake topper. Instead with the new cake decor and trends, more fresh flowers are being added to cakes. This makes some cake designers cringe and others

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the skinny on your wedding taxes

Taxes. A four-letter word? Obviously not, but it feels like it. As with any big purchases, taxes will affect your final sales price. Your wedding is no exception. Remember to include your state taxes on projected expenses, such as: invites photography albums/photos dress and tuxes florist venue (we’ll talk more about that…..) Make sure you

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wedding skin, smooth like butter…

You want to be gorgeous on your wedding day. With bright, glowing skin, like our gorgeous bride here, Virginia Corpus McDermott…..(shhh..she’s on our new header too with her hubby, Dave). photo: rj photographics Here’s a few tricks to get you in the mood… 1. First, drink plenty of water. Water, Water, Water. Veggies won’t kill

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wedding stress…snap out of it!

1. Believe it or not, everything will get done before the wedding. You just have to sit down and write a list with deadlines.
2. Prioritize the task list. A=most important B=needs to be done C=if we have time to get to it. And no, not EVERY THING on the task list is an A task.
3. Stick to the deadlines you set yourself but don’t go overboard. Getting sleep is much more important than tying 300 ribbons on wedding programs.
4. If you are like me, you will wake up at 2am with your brain racing with a million things to do. Keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed to jot them down. Or…just get up and write them out and then you can go back to bed with a clear mind. (I have to do that second option because my hubbie isn’t a fan of me turning on the light in the middle of the night…and I don’t write well in the dark).
5. Delgate. For Pete’s sake, delegate!!! If you are a Type A personality and want to take on the entire wedding yourself, I understand. But don’t. If you can’t let go there has to be some little task that you can delegate to someone else. Pick the big and most important projects to manage directly.

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