how to financially enjoy your wedding day

Making purchases is exhilarating, but writing checks to pay for those purchases is financially draining (in more ways than one).

Many vendors such as entertainment, transportation, ceremony soloists and pianist  will accept  their last payment installments on your wedding day. You certainly don’t want to be carrying around your checkbook, it probably won’t match your wedding dress!

Create a list of those vendors and write out checks on the Thursday before your wedding. Give them to your planner and she/he will hand those out for you so you’re not having to worry about making sure everyone is paid.

In addition, if you can wait to pay your catering bill on the day of your wedding (room rental, food, taxes, gratuities and other fixed costs) that would psychologically be a good thing. That’s going to be a big check; and one you won’t want to write after your reception is over. It can be a huge let down after a fabulous day. The only last bill to be paid should be your beverage/bar consumption to the end of the evening.

Some caterers/venues have other dates that they require to be paid in full, so you’ll have to check your contract with them. The idea if possible, is to NOT be paying large invoices after your wedding. It’s a downer after a wonderful day.


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