happy birthday planning forever events blog!

Today is the THIRD  birthday of our wedding and events business blog. The first post was April 21, 2006 and when I look back on the “voice” of the company blog, I’m amused. It’s very difficult to find your own groove and project the right image of your business. We try to project transparency, fun, sass, creativity and pragmatism (sometimes a touch of indulgence).

Interestingly, I first started this event blog after I started a blog about my ever famous dog, Ranger, while he as a pup. It was a creative outlet for me. Some scrapbook, I write and take photos.

Blogging is an open diary, a dialogue from a person (or people) for other people to read and learn. It’s personal. It’s subjective. It’s an opinion. Everyone has a point of view, no?

We have many faithful blog readers, for which I am eternally grateful. My personal google reader overflows with many wonderful blogs that I read weekly. There have been times when people have disagreed what they read on this blog. And that is okay! Open dialogue is always a good thing.

Always trying to stay ahead (or sometimes keep up) we update the aesthetic look of the blog. What did you expect from creative and design oriented people? Right now we are considering going to a one column format, so photos can be larger.

In fact we’ve posted a poll on Twitter about it. Feel free to put your two cents in and vote here on what type of blog format you like. We’d love to capture your vote. Either way, you’ll be seeing a face lift very soon.

Thanks again for reading and joining our birthday party.

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