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Talking to the many brides this weekend that were planning their weddings at the same time as their BFF, got me thinking about the the benefits and challenges that you may encounter when planning your wedding at the same time. You know that each bride wants to have their own special day. And while you love your girl, you don’t want to feel that all your ideas are being taken! So how do you do that when you are both interviewing vendors and looking at venues?

Just last year we had two fabulous clients that were BFF’s. The first bride found me, Allison and then she recommended us to her MOH/BFF, Katie (who was getting married 6 months after her). The weddings were very similar such as; same reception venue, same photographer, same videographers, same cake designer, similar room layout, same planner, overlapping of guests and the girls also looked a lot alike (which led me to call them by the wrong name on multiple occasions).

Allison and Adam Frounfelter’s wedding

What made it work so well with the two of them were these key reasons:

  • Weddings were different times of the year. Allie – December and Katie – August
  • They chose different decor/designers. Allie – Doug and Katie – chose us
  • Different entertainment. Allie – Dave & Rae(2/piece) and and Katie – Big Slick (5/piece band)
  • They had tremendous amount of love and respect for each other
Katie Hermann’s wedding: decor/design by planning…forever events

These decisions made the two weddings stand out with individualism and uniqueness while taking advantage of choosing vendors together that they knew would work.

If you feel like your BFF may be copying some of your wedding ideas, then don’t tell her everything you are planning. You can have some surprises! And if she does copy you, then take it as a compliment. This a situation we run into frequently and that is why it’s so great to have a wedding planner to bounce ideas off of and he/she HAS to remain confidential!! Bottom line, talk things about and you both will have fun!

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