timelines are crucial to your wedding …

An accurate timeline can be your best friend before the wedding. Writing down all of the events and knowing the arrival times for your wedding party and vendors will let you have a peaceful wedding.

At planning…forever events we are well-known for our wedding timelines and production schedules. I will admit, when we first started five years ago we had very detailed times, such as; 2:55pm – Exit Church. Looking back I have to laugh a bit.

Now when we sit with our clients for consults we can basically tell them within 15 minutes of how their wedding will flow and how long it will take to serve dinner, cut the cake, toasts etc.

If you’d like to learn how to create your own wedding timeline or itinerary, we guest blogged about this very subject last week on the super-duper, fabulous DIY Bride.

One last thought: you never want to be a “Timeline Natzi” at a wedding. Yes it is good to know the flow of events and keep to some time structure, but never at the expense of you enjoying your day or taking in those special moments!

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2 thoughts on “timelines are crucial to your wedding …”

  1. I had to laugh because of your article. I work with one planner that has the most insane time lines; detailed down to 3 minute increments at times.
    We just crack up when we read them. In one, she actually scheduled in 4 minutes for the bride to use the bathroom…once…during the entire day. I’m sure that went well!

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