do a modern twist on your rehearsal dinner

This week we will be discussing the wedding rehearsal dinner! This is an event where families and friends can come together after the wedding rehearsal to eat and drink as a pre-celebration of the couple’s nuptials.

This entire week we will explore traditions, new ideas and what you need to know when planning a fabulous rehearsal dinner.

modern twist?

Wedding rehearsal dinners have traditionally been formal events. Sit down dinner, full bar, well-orchestrated toasts, etc. Now couples are looking for something different. Something exciting and shaking up the norm!

a more casual event…

Not surprising, couples are looking for a more relaxed event for their rehearsal dinner. They are choosing locations such as their favorite pizzeria, restaurant bar or possibly a private residence.

When appropriate they also match the casual environment by wearing jeans and business casual clothing.

if you go the route of wanting a mixer and guest mingling atmosphere then choose food that promotes that ease of guests moving around. Select food that can be easily displayed on food stations and eaten while standing.

Come back tomorrow for more details on how to really plan something different for your rehearsal dinner!

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