how to get your wedding guests out on the dance floor!

Let’s face it, your guests are looking forward to dancing at your wedding reception.  Some bride and groom’s are NOT dancers, but they want to watch their guests have a good time.

Here’s the trick to encouraging your wedding guests to get their groove on. Actually get on the dance floor with them!

It’s not that complicated. Your guests will be where ever you are. So if you are sitting in the back, outside drinking or mingling in a different room; that is where they will gravitate. Don’t blame your band or DJ. And don’t act like you are going to be judged like on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Have fun….shake your booty and enjoy yourself. And so will your guests.

For some inspiration; check out our clients Tara Brown and Max Axler at their wedding…and notice where the guests are!

wedding guests dancing and funhappy guests dancing at wedding reception

all images photo credit: jordan barclay photography

plan on!


9 thoughts on “how to get your wedding guests out on the dance floor!”

  1. I agree, getting on the dance floor yourself with encourage others. Mix that with mood lighting and a good variety of tunes will make for a really fun wedding!

  2. As the owner of a DJ company I couldn’t have said this any better myself… Or, what I maybe mean to say is that I couldn’t say it enough. A bride and groom set the tone of their wedding, and everything else you said.

    Brilliant post.

  3. And our guests stayed out there until 1am, including my grandfather. Saundra…you had to drag us out of there! She is right on folks!

  4. There’s nothing like having a belly-dancer at a wedding to get everyone excited and inspired to move, it really loosens people up and puts them in the mood to have some fun!

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