if you are thinking about canceling your wedding

It takes guts to cancel your wedding. I just talked to a client of ours informed me that they won’t be getting married.

While I am sad to lose her as a client, I have to commend her for having the sheer guts it takes to end the relationship. I know, this isn’t an upbeat topic, but if you think planning a wedding is difficult, it’s nothing to the day in and day out of a marriage. Don’t get me wrong. I adore being married. Hell would equal being single to me at this point of my life.

But while we all get caught up in the flowers, venue, dresses, invitations, entertainment and other positive accolades that wedding engagements bring us….we have to remember that at the end of the day, the most important aspect of your wedding is your vows and the actual “getting married part”.

Keep that in perspective and you’ll have a foundation that will last. Even 15 years or so.

8 thoughts on “if you are thinking about canceling your wedding”

  1. I think some people succumb to the wedding jitters or realize that he/she is making a mistake – however, they still go through with it.

    I have to commend those who step away from the family pressures or societal pressures and do what is right for them. Of course, the earlier the better. But, one cannot foresee the future (I’m talking about during the planning stage) and the personal investment should be put aside for lifelong happiness. Not to mention the financial issues, but that’s why wedding insurance companies exist, like securemywedding.com (reasons why insurance for your wedding are important to know).

    I’m on my second marriage and I know that during the planning of the first one, we discussed postponing until we could get our ducks in a row.

    Notice, I said ‘first marriage’? Yeah, we should have thought more seriously about postponing.

  2. I was shocked when a friend and his fiancée canceled their wedding a week before the event. I know he is in a better place because of it, married with one child and another on the way. Must have been an agonizing decision.

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  4. In response to Joe’s post above, wedding insurance does not cover change of heart….just thought it was worth mentioning 🙂

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