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love your wedding planner, part of love your wedding vendor series

Reasons why you should love your wedding planner?

1. They have a “game face” that is almost invincible. You’ll never see them sweat.
2. They mediate between the other vendors when problems arise (so you don’t have to). And they arise. Frequently.
3. Planners are your buffer to problems that you don’t want to deal with (especially on your wedding day), they shield you.
4. Your planner will look out for your best interest even when it comes to dealing with your family.
5. It is physically demanding work, a 3 day wedding weekend can mean 22-33 hours on their feet. Still, service is done with a smile.

love your wedding videographer

Behind the scenes:

I’ve worked with a few wedding videographers both locally and outside our immediate area. It never ceases to amaze me how professional and how much energy they use on a wedding day (I thought I was the one that buzzed around a lot).

Humorous things that I see is how often videographer’s shots get messed up. Because they stand so still they seem to blend into the background, which is a good thing. BUT, guests and wedding planners (okay, me) sometimes will walk right in front of them, which is not a good thing. I’ve had to train myself to be aware of where they are at when I’m running around on a wedding day.

love your wedding florist, part of love your wedding vendors

Our special series of “loving your wedding vendors” continues. Today we are going to talk about your wedding florist. If you have every tried to do your own DIY flower arrangement, you will know why you should love your wedding florist. It’s more than just having a green thumb, they have to be creative and …

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love your wedding cake designer

Today we are going to talk about your wedding cake designer.

Works of art, is what the wedding cake is! The most memorable visual item that guests will remember and talk about at the water cooler the next day. The popularity of over-the-top wedding cake designs can be attributed to Sylvia Weinstock, whose name is synonymous with wedding cakes. Even the hip, cool, reality show Ace of Cakes have helped for average people to understand what it takes to build these creations.

Our clients have differing views towards their wedding cakes. Some client’s priority is for the cake to taste wonderful, others just want to make sure the cake looks fabulous and then there are some who are concerned with both. So you want to be sure you are choosing a wedding cake designer that will caterer to your priority.

love your wedding photographer

Today we are going to talk about your wedding photographer.

Let’s face it, photographers get a lot of credit and attention as a wedding vendor. Look at what they produce? They capture moments as they happen, setup gorgeous scenes and help us look fabulous (thank God for Photoshop, no?).

Our clients don’t make snap decisions when choosing their photographers. Why should they? Often their pictures are all they have for visual memories. Again, this is a key player at your wedding so you’ll want to feel comfortable and confident in your photographer’s ability.

love your wedding dj

Our first installment of your series, love your wedding vendor …we’re excited to begin with music! Today we’ll talk about your wedding DJ. Definitely an incredibly important element to your wedding reception, you should never skimp on choosing your professional DJ. Often I see this area become more of a price point issue instead of choosing …

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love your wedding vendor series

Welcome to our “love your wedding vendor series”! In the next few days we will be discussing your different wedding vendors that work tirelessly every weekend, for you and hundreds of other brides.
We wanted to introduce this series because I don’t believe brides and grooms really understand how much work and effort wedding vendors go through every single week to make your wedding day the best possible.

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