love your wedding planner, part of love your wedding vendor series

Our special series of “loving your wedding vendors” is wrapped up today with last, but not least (what did you expect)….

Today we are going to talk about your wedding planner.

If you have hired a wedding planner to help you with your wedding, you get what we do. It’s so much more than picking out colors, loading gifts, or cutting the cake; we are there for you and all the other vendors to help create a memorable day.

Reasons why you should love your wedding planner?

  1. They have a “game face” that is almost invincible. You’ll never see them sweat.
  2. They mediate between the other vendors when problems arise (so you don’t have to). And they arise. Frequently.
  3. Planners are your buffer to problems that you don’t want to deal with (especially on your wedding day), they shield you.
  4. Your planner will look out for your best interest even when it comes to dealing with your family.
  5. It is physically demanding work, a 3 day wedding weekend can mean 22-33 hours on their feet. Still, service is done with a smile.
  6. They work under extreme pressure at times and take very seriously that there are no “do-overs” on your big day.
  7. If you only knew how much sheer running around and fast-paced it is behind the scenes. Planners do that for you….your friends may not.
  8. Your planner truly cares about your wedding day and making sure you have all your personal touches and special moments that mean something to you. You want your planner to take that kind of “ownership” because the passion is there. (This is NOT the same thing as taking over your day and making it her own).

Behind the scenes:

One time we had to wait for the mother of the bride to make the “rain call” while we watched it pouring down rain on the ceremony location. We had already implemented the backup plan; but never told her. Instead we waited patiently for her to give the okay out of respect (but the plan was already in motion).

At another wedding the bartenders did not bring champagne with them for the toast. We told the groom (who didn’t tell the bride) and we ran out to the local liquor store to buy more.

When our DJ’s building burned down the night before the wedding, we spoke with the parents of the bride but never told her about it. It would have stressed her out way too much. She found out at the end of her reception.

We don’t tell our brides/grooms when their family members are rude to us. Weddings bring out the best and worst in people. We realize that it is human nature that people will take out their anger on someone else (hired help) instead of the person it is really directed towards. We take it and move on.

We keep your information confidential; for instance when you don’t want to tell your mom that you’re pregnant before the wedding. Or how you really can’t stand your birth-father who has suddenly decided to show up at your wedding with his new girlfriend.

We are the bad guys at the wedding for you! We remove wedding crashers and asking guests to move when they have not RSVP’d and are sitting at a family table. But we also look out for your guests making sure the girls who had a little too much to drink make it down the stairs and into a car with a designated driver.

Bottom line: your wedding planner is as committed and passionate about your wedding as you are. So for that reason and many more, you should LOVE your wedding planner.

We hope that you have enjoyed this series of loving your wedding vendors. They (we) work hard for you, very hard. Sure there are mistakes, we are all human. We’ve all read, experienced or heard about wedding “disasters”. It’s more important to look at a person’s intent and what they did to fix the problem for a positive outcome.

Thanks everyone for the emails and comments…this series has been well received!

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3 thoughts on “love your wedding planner, part of love your wedding vendor series”

  1. I am sad to see the series end 🙁 You’ve done a superb job – thank you!

    One time we picked up the bride’s dress from the salon and it had dog sh– poop all over the back of the gown… we had to literall take alcohol and “Dual Action – Shout” and clean it up and make sure there was no reminant of stank or stain before brining it to the bride…. and no one knew… until the next day when we told them.

    We Rock!

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