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Our special series of “loving your wedding vendors” continues:

Today we are going to talk about your wedding videographer.

More than half of our clients want to have video captured of their wedding. This is a digital age (duh!) so just think into the future after your children are born…..they will want to see video!! Video is an excellent compliment to photography to remember your wedding.

Reasons why you should love your wedding videographer?

  1. Their equipment is heavy and can be cumbersome, it’s back breaking work!
  2. They have to be as creative as they are stealthy to capture those moments.
  3. Unlike photographers with digital cameras, they have to shoot a lot of film and usually will not check it until they are back in their studio the next day.
  4. Serious skills in the editing department; that’s what makes you tear up when you watch your wedding video.
  5. Flexible and understanding; they work long and hard while often not getting a chance to sit down or eat a full meal.
  6. They are challenged in capturing your moments because people walk in front of their cameras all the time (sorry, I do it too).
  7. Somehow they get your vows on film, even though your pastor or priest will not allow them to stand in a good position in the sanctuary.
  8. Like any true artists, they pour their hearts and soul into creating a video by editing raw film footage and adding music that will leave you feeling like a movie star!

Behind the scenes:

I’ve worked with a few wedding videographers both locally and outside our immediate area. It never ceases to amaze me how professional and how much energy they use on a wedding day (I thought I was the one that buzzed around a lot).

Humorous things that I see is how often videographer’s shots get messed up (of course after the editing process all is usually good). Because they stand so still they seem to blend into the background, which is a good thing. BUT, guests and wedding planners (okay, me) sometimes will walk right in front of them, which is not a good thing. I’ve had to train myself to be aware of where they are at when I’m running around on a wedding day.

They can have challenges also with DJ lights. You know the first dance is beautiful and then there is a blue light bouncing off the bride’s face. No problem when you are watching it in person; but when you transpose that image into video…they may end up looking smurfs!

They hear and see EVERYTHING! You know when they are recording you and your bridesmaids getting dressed on your wedding day; they are recording with audio too!!! It’s a good thing there is an editing process and music takes the place of some of those conversations. *wink* At one of our weddings, the videographer taped me threatening to stick one of the “overly-friendly” groomsman with a boutonniere stick pin. It was fun to see that raw footage later.

Overall, wedding videographers are absolutely committed to capturing all your memories to create something that you, your family and friends will enjoy for many years to come! For that and all their hard work, THAT is why you should love your wedding videographer!

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Tomorrow: love your wedding planner

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4 thoughts on “love your wedding videographer”

  1. Jen from Fairytale Productions

    Thanks for the love Saundra…I’d stick to being a wedding videographer over the stress of helping to plan one anyday! You rock!

  2. Thanks Jen and Karen! You guys rock! I forgot to mention the hours and hours and hours of editing you have to do after the fact. You are very patient!

  3. Thanks for spreading the word about Videopgraphy. Our day would not be complete without at least one shot of those darn wedding planners walking in front of our camera 😉

    Seriously though, we feel blessed to work with so many great couples and professionals alike. Keep up the good work.

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