love your wedding vendor series

Welcome to our “love your wedding vendor series!

In the next few days we will be discussing your different wedding vendors that work tirelessly every weekend, for you and hundreds of other brides.

We wanted to introduce this series because we don’t believe brides and grooms really understand how much work and effort wedding vendors go through every single week to make your wedding day the best possible. It’s not your fault….you don’t see what we do.

It can be argued that we chose this profession. You’d be correct. But it still doesn’t negate the fact that we are humans. We have bad days. Family crisis’s, deaths, births, missed birthdays, (dare I go on)… but will still put forth 110% and work tirelessly for your big day.

We hope that this series will serve as a glimpse as to why you should love your wedding {fill-in-the-blank} vendor. We’ll give top 8 reasons why you should love ’em and a sneak peek into behind the scenes at real weddings. That is where the real dirt is. Stuff you will never see at your wedding!

Series starts tomorrow! First up, love your wedding dj !

plan on!


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