easy tips on reducing your wedding guest list

We all know the quickest way to reduce your budget, is to reduce your guest list. In this region, the average wedding is approximately 250 guests. In areas like Jasper, Indiana the guest list could be 500-700 people! Large families = big weddings!

If you have already gone through the excruciating process of selecting your guests and cannot seem to delete any names off the paper, here are a few tips:

  1. DO NOT send out save-the-dates. If guests don’t know your wedding date in advance, they can’t reschedule their lives to attend!
  2. Pick a holiday weekend for your wedding. There are always conflicts when it comes to holidays and guests may need to choose visiting family for graduation or going out of town over your wedding.
  3. Choose a Friday or Sunday for your wedding date. Perhaps choosing a less traditional day of the week may make it more difficult for the majority of guests to attend.
  4. Destination wedding! Get out of Dodge and fly away to a beautiful destination for your wedding!

Can you think of other ways?

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6 thoughts on “easy tips on reducing your wedding guest list”

  1. Up here in Elkhart, if you’d add BYOB to the invite, not many would think that meant “bring your own bible” and you’d cut your guest list to almost nothin’.

  2. 1. Don’t send out your invitations till the week-of.
    2. Put “WHITE TIE REQUIRED” in giant letters at the bottom.
    3. Include a map with the wrong directions to the reception.

    That should do it.

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