your wedding venue, a blank canvas…

Have you been looking for a venue for your reception? In rural areas, there are a lot of venues such as county buildings or community centers. They are big enough to handle your large guest list, but lack in the aesthetics.

We regard venues like this like a blank canvas and a challenge. And we adore challenges. Take a look at the real wedding reception of  Natalie + Roddy, who married in October 2008. She chose the Posey County 4H Community Center for the wedding reception. it was a convenient location based on the ceremony and it kept to the West Side of town, which was important to our clients and their guests. Our clients hired us for full service planning and design/decor.

The Venue:

Let’s take a look at the space:


A large room, definitely! Challenges: metal chairs, cement floor and roll up doors. Venue Coordinator told us that most clients put their head table on the stage. Dually noted, and we won’t be doing that.


This is a side viewpoint of the room. Bride is worried about those walls. We are not.


On the far end, across from the stage there is a large roll up door. Can you say camouflage?

Okay, so we have our work cut out for us! Luckily, our bride Natalie has exquisite tastes and has put together a collage of colors and ideas she’s likes. We LOVE that because it helps us know her style and tastes.

Because Roddy liked brown, we determined that would be our base color. Tomorrow we’ll show you how we begun to transform the room, into a breathtaking, romantic reception. Trust me. You will be amazed!


3 thoughts on “your wedding venue, a blank canvas…”

  1. I can’t wait to see what you came up with. We are having our reception in the new community center. Luckily, there are hardwood floors… but the burnt yellow/orange walls definitely don’t do anything for our green/blue color scheme!

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