father of the brides are the just the bestest

I’ve been a wedding planner for 7 years and it’s so cool how we get to get a glimpse into people’s families and interact with them on such a highly emotional and personal day.

Some of my most memorable weddings come from my interactions with the Father of the Bride. It’s a tough day for them. Watching their baby girl walk down the aisle and turning his most precious possession over to another man….yeah, if you know ANYTHING about men, it’s a really, tough day for them.

So today, for a very personal reason, I’d like to pay a little homage to past Father of the Brides (or affectionately called The FOB) who personally made a big impact on me. There are many more than just featured here…

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2007 FOB, Mark Burris

What I loved about Mark, he is a total businessman with a great attitude. He actually interviewed me while his daughter and Mom sat quietly. Steve would chuckle about the expense of “flour and water” for a wedding cake and roll his eyes at his wife’s obsession for the perfect floral or gown to wear. But secretly, he loves his family and would do anything for them. Our team worked extra hard to WOW him at his daughter’s wedding and we met his high standards.

photo credit: jordan barclay

2008 FOB, Doug Little

Sometimes Dad’s are chosen. That was Doug Little, technically a stepdad but in every important way, a real dad to his daughter. He’s pretty quiet but has a sense of humor and a great laugh. He was a little overwhelmed by all the wedding planning. Not sure what to make of all the decoration selections or the food tasting. He would have been happy with a beer and a burger, probably. But the way he looked at his (step) daughter; pure joy would shine through his face.  He couldn’t be more proud of his little girl. He even played along with the Jewish tradition of putting on the kippa for the ceremony (which he forgot to take off until WAY into the reception).

photo credit: jordan barclay

2009 FOB, Glen Sturm

Actually, I met Glen for the first time the Friday before the wedding. You can see what an impression he made on me to make this shortlist on the blog. First, he’s a jokester and a prankster. I figured that out real quick. But he is also a planner. Actually, all the Sturms meticulously plan out details. From taking dance lessons and practicing the day before with his daughter AT the reception hall for their Father/Daughter dance to writing his Welcome Speech about a year in advance, (which by the way, major props…that speech was awesome), to the high stool chairs that you brought from home so the bride and groom could sit while you made all the guests laugh.

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2010 FOB, Michael Espenlaub

Some Dads are rock solid, some are rockstars. Enter Michael Espenlaub. To begin with, his lovely daughter just wanted the planning…forever events team for design and decor for her wedding. But when Michael learned more about our Wedding Day Management service, he was sold and hired us. He came to EVERY planning meeting, even when we tried to “lose him” by going to sushi for a meeting (just kidding). He called me, “HIS wedding planner”. I won’t lie, a personal first. Favorite part of the day, we were walking his daughter outside to the front of the church minutes away from getting married, he hung back on the side watching her. He thought we didn’t notice, but we did. He loves his daughter very much and would do anything for her. And as a selfish bonus, has another daughter. Michael…….call me.

photo: my daddy and me in 1969

Why all this talk about Daddies today? Because this morning at 6:45am marked the one-year anniversary when my own Dad, passed away. Instead of being sad, I want to remember good times and celebrate the living.

Being a Daddy’s Girl, I’ve always been acutely aware of the Father of the Bride and what he must be feeling on his daughter’s wedding day. But now since my Dad is gone, I seem to be drawn to watching them, watch their little girls.

So even though it is not “Father’s Day”, do me a favor. If your Dad is still living…..please call him, email him, text him or better, hug him and tell you that you love him.

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  1. Saundra,

    Sorry about your “anniversary” but thank you for reminding everyone to appreciate their dads. I was with mine when he died and was able to say how much I appreciated him and what a fine dad he was. And then he died. I wouldn’t trade that moment for the world. But yes, if you all have a dad I’m sure he would appreciate a hug or a simple, Love you!

    Guess I’ll see you at the wedding Saturday night! You do an amazing job that’s for sure – and I enjoy working with you!

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