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Since we were little girls fastening pillow cases as faux veils to our heads, a wedding veil tends to “complete” the entire bridal ensemble. For many women, it makes the whole wedding day “real”.

Here’s a couple of things to remember when choosing your veil:


You want the veil to match the style of the overall theme of your wedding and of course, your dress. Sometimes it’s fun to mix a more modern sleek wedding dress with a more traditional type of veil….as long as they blend well together. Don’t feel boxed in when making these decisions.

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Face/Body Type:

Don’t forget to take into account YOU. The wider the veil the more fabric you’ll have around your face, and if you are small….you’ll look like a walking marshmallow. You also want to be sure to complement your body type by making sure the veil isn’t accentuating your less than desirable features.


How you want to wear your hair will be critical in the type of veil you choose. Always take your veil to your hair stylist when getting your trial runs completed.

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Closely inspect your veil on the trim and/or beading work. You’ll want to be sure this is quality workmanship because the last thing you need is your tiny pearls dropping to the floor right before you walk down the aisle. Ask me how I know this can happen…..


If you are a traditional type of person consider buying a veil that is more of a classic style so that you may pass that veil on to your future daughter or daughter-in-law. Let’s face it, almost none of us want to wear our mother’s wedding dress….but some may consider incorporating or wearing a veil!

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NO Veil:

If you don’t like a veil, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of alternatives with beautiful hair pins and or white flowers that you can put in your hair. Bottom line: do what feels good for you!

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plan on!


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