seeing each other before the wedding ceremony: part two

The topic this week is exploring the positives of taking the time to see each other before the actual wedding ceremony on your wedding day. It’s understandable to want to dismiss this idea since every bride and groom wants to have that special moment during their day. That’s why when we have clients who decide to meet each other, we make it as special as possible.

the meeting

For our clients we work with the timeline and photographer to create a special moment that is just for the two of you. We arrange for the groom to wait at a location; sometimes it is at the altar, or in a room, or outside in a pretty location. We’ll ask the wedding party, family and friends to please leave the area. And then we’ll go get the bride. That’s when the bride and groom can see each other in private. The only people are the photographer and videographer (but they are quiet and at a distance as to not intrude).

what happens at the meeting?

We’re firm believers that the most important thing on your wedding day is the two of you and the fact that you are taking vows to commit yourself to another person. Picking out the flowers and colors is all good fun, but not the most important aspect of your wedding.

When a couple gets to meet before the wedding, the groom is able to take his time and really look at his bride. Notice the details of her dress, her hair, the way her makeup is done. It’s a perfect time to talk about what you are about to do, exchange gifts or love notes, cry, laugh and enjoy the fact that you are about to embark upon an interesting journey.

Take a look at these photos of some very special clients of ours; notice how each groom is looking at his future wife.

above photos credit: jordan barclay

Does any of these pics look like they “missed” out on something special or possibly, did these couples carve out a part of the day that will always be just for “them”?

Tomorrow we’ll talk about some other points as to why it’s a great idea to see each other BEFORE the wedding.

featured photo credit: jordan barclay photography

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5 thoughts on “seeing each other before the wedding ceremony: part two”

  1. This is the single best thing you can do on your wedding day. I don’t know who started the tradition of not seeing the bride until the ceremony (do you?), but it really makes for a stressed timeline. If you two take a few minutes BEFORE the ceremony, you can have great photos in good light, and get to your cocktail hour or reception faster after the wedding.

  2. I talked to my grandma who is the “all knowing diva of things traditional” and she didn’t even know where this whole thing started. The couples who I have photographed have all looked back and loved their choice of doing first sight before the wedding. No regrets whatsoever.

  3. This is what I’ve wanted to get across to my brides. Not only is there the practical side of it which allows you to et all your formals out of the way early so you can just enjoy the rest of the day without as strict a time table, but the time you get to spend together in that meeting is the only time you’ll actually get to spend alone together and really talk. I’ve never had a bride regret that they did it. Like mentioned above you can really let the emotions fly, laugh, cry, what ever cause you wont have to worry about everyone watching you and you worrying about not crying in front of everyone.

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