seeing each other before the wedding ceremony: part three

This week the blog is concentrating on the subject of whether your should see or not see each other before the wedding. Couples want their day to be special and think that by seeing each other before the wedding they may somehow “lose” that. Let’s think this out…

what really happens when you walk down the aisle

You’ll have to trust me, since I actually have walked down the aisle before. And if you don’t want to listen to me, then please go talk to a friend that has gotten married. When you are a bride, you dream about what it will be like to have the church doors open, your arm anchored by your dad and how while you walk down the aisle,  your eyes will “lock” on your future husband’s face and it will be a moment that will surpass any other moments you have ever had.

What you didn’t take into account is the 200 other pair of eyes on you at the same time. You see your a good friend who flew in across the country just for the wedding, Aunt Betsy smiling at you, maybe a kid crying….all distracting from your focused vision on your groom’s face.

Instead, we submit to you that the walk down the aisle becomes ANOTHER “special moment” for the both of you. Trust me, you’ll still be excited, nervous and anxious. But not because you haven’t seen him or her or not because you don’t know what he or she is feeling. It will be the natural excitement that comes when you are about to get married.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the emotional positives of seeing each other before the wedding. Get ready….there are plenty, some of which you probably haven’t considered.

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2 thoughts on “seeing each other before the wedding ceremony: part three”

  1. My husband and I saw each other before our ceremony and it is probably the clearest moment I have of the entire day. The photographer was there but I didn’t even realize she was until I saw the pictures later. We met at the alter where we were later married and it was the one moment where it was just us, our little secret moment that our guests never even knew we had. We were both tearing up and it really made the whole day start to feel offical. We had such a relaxing time taking all of our photos because we didn’t have a hundred guests waiting on us to finish so they could eat. I think you can really see the difference in the pictures. My advice: see each other. The rest of the day you will be pulled in a million directions and you won’t remember half of it. Take the time to have that moment together without the audience…it’s worth it!!!

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