seeing each other before the wedding ceremony, part four

It’s Turkey Day….Happy Thanksgiving all. But we know that if you are about to get married, there are no days off thinking about your wedding. So we’ll continue with our series regarding the pro’s of seeing each before the wedding.

emotional benefits of seeing each other

Excitement and anxiousness are natural emotions to be expected on your wedding day. The cool thing about men and women is that they are the ying/yang to each other. I’ve had very anxious brides who once they have spent some time meeting with their respective grooms they are calmer and more relaxed. Still excited, but their anxiety level is lowered dramatically. It’s like you can visually see a weight lifted off their shoulders.

There’s also such a cool vibe between the bride and groom that is carried from the ceremony to the reception when they have met before the ceremony. The guests can feel the difference, the vendors can feel the difference and most importantly, the couple can feel the difference.

glaring contradiction of not seeing each other

I find it contradicting that on a day that should be about two people, they spend more than half the day trying to keep away from each other. In fact, family and friends go to great lengths in helping them not so much as even getting a glimpse of each other. After the ceremony, family and friends surround them for formal portraits and then it’s a rush to the reception. From there they are ushered in, eat and do more ceremonial events. Distractions come from guests and the next time that they are truly alone is back at the hotel room. Tired and worn out. Don’t you find that odd?

We’re gonna wrap this series up tomorrow by talking about the benefits of seeing each other from a logistic standpoint.

feature photo credit: jesse and gena

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2 thoughts on “seeing each other before the wedding ceremony, part four”

  1. Sharyn Lane Townsend

    I strongly recommend that brides and grooms should see each other before the wedding. That was the only time that day that Robert and I had alone together that day.

    And you are right about being able to spend quality time with your wedding party between the wedding and the reception. As you said, it also allowed us a second site that we got some awesome pics from. I think that you pretty much hit the nail on the head with all of your pros for seeing each other before.

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