one week before your wedding …

Listen up, my lovely clients. You’ve planned your wedding and now it is here! One week before your wedding, baby, ONE WEEK!

be sure to do these five things on the last week of your wedding

  1. Make lists. Get it all out of your head and dump it onto paper, phone reminders, whatever. And share it with your wedding planner. You will forget things if they aren’t written out.
  2. Chill out. Go get a massage. Go to the movies. Work out. Do something for yourself that has nothing to do with the wedding.
  3. Large storage bin. Put it your living room and start putting all your personal wedding stuff inside it as you come across the items. This will be brought to the church/reception on Friday. Easy to forget stuff if your wedding information is all over the place.
  4. Pamper yourself. Get that manicure. Take a nap when you’re exhausted. Don’t feel guilty. Take time off work!
  5. Accept help. For some this is the hardest. Whether it’s calling your wedding planner or asking family to do something for you, including running a quick errand. DO IT! Delegate!
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plan on!

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