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Planning a wedding CAN be a daunting task. It’s overwhelming with so many ideas out there. Thanks to the Internet, with wedding blogs and fancy websites you now have MORE concepts that you ever knew to consider.

Too much information? You betcha.

If you have an unlimited amount of money to spend, then you’ll be fine. But that is usually not the reality.

So how do you process all of this?

Sit down together as bride and groom and make a list of the TOP THREE THINGS that are important to each one of you. Then take a look at the list. Hopefully there will be overlapping (both of you choosing the same idea) that will land in your top three.

Then, discuss it with each other. From there you should be able to make ONE list that of must haves at your wedding to make you both happy.

This is where you are going to put your money and let the rest fall into place. By identifying the most important things, you can stop worrying about trying to fit it all in within your budget.

An example (truly an example, as each wedding is different), these may be your top three things:

1. Good Food
2. Great Entertainment
3. Excellent Photography

If these were your top three, then you can stop worrying about pocket invitations or special favors. You may want to take it a step further to create a secondary TOP THREE items to ensure: beautiful decor, videography, open bar, etc.

Everyone is different, there is no right and wrong. You want to be happy at the end of the day. And that’s what’s really important.

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plan on!

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