how to manage the wedding vendor followup

The finale of the how to choose a wending vendor series, we are going to give our final tip. You’ve made the inquiry, you’ve had the interview, perhaps you’ve met a vendor at a bridal show …. now let’s assume you have the proposal. What are the best steps in following up?

Here are a few tips:

  • Tell the Vendor No: It’s not easy to “let people down” and certainly as the consumer you are not obligated to do anything after receiving the proposal. But I highly suggest sending an email or leaving a vendor a phone call to let them know that you have decided to not use their services. It allows them to move on and to fill your date.
  • Ask the Vendor Questions: If the proposal is ambigious then please ask questions of the vendor for further clarification.
  • If the Vendor Asks: Sometimes vendors would like to know why you went “a different direction” or chose a different vendor. Please, let them know. This helps them be a better business person.
  • Don’t Assume: There are ONLY so many dates available for weddings. Therefore it is in your best interest to make a decision with a vendor as soon as possible.

Note to Vendors:

  • Because we know that vendors read our blog as well, we HIGHLY encourage you to respect potential client’s wishes by following their requests. If they ask to be contacted my email only, then please don’t GOOGLE them to find out their home phone number to make sales solicitations. (You think we’re making this up?)
  • If you have asked for feedback as to why they did NOT choose you, then listen to them. Do not argue or try to change their mind. It makes you look, well, lame.
  • We ask clients to respect our time, please respect theirs as well. Get back with them in a timely manner (very hard to do all the time), be prepared for your meeting and contact them.
  • Lessons we ALL need to remind ourselves, everyday. Including us.

We hope this series has helped you with a few quick tips on how to choose a wedding vendor. There are many other tips out there and we wanted to take it from a different direction. It’s not rocket science, but sometimes we all forget the simple steps.

ps Stop by our booth this Sunday at the Super Bride Sunday! Let us know if you read the series!

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7 thoughts on “how to manage the wedding vendor followup”

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  3. Vendor said they would email, but hasn’t yet. I’m really organized and like people to follow-thru, especially when it’s about confirming the booking. How do I ask again, for this confirmation without sounding like a bridezilla? So far I’ve acted relaxed and cool about it, but really I’m not.

  4. OrganizingItAll, Apologies for the late reply.

    If you are serious about this vendor (but still have options) I would give them a deadline. You need to make a decision and move on. This is business. Simple and to the fact.

    There may be really good excuses for the vendor to not return quickly. But giving that person a deadline that you will continue to look for other services might serve well? Sometimes when vendors leave a meeting and they don’t have a definite time limit or have told you one, they may not get back with you quickly.

    Not sure if this helps?

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