dressing up your wedding aisle

An economical way of dressing up your ceremony is to place close attention to the details of your aisle runner. It’s the easiest way to transform the church or ceremony site into something that looks like a “wedding”.

Now the impulse might be to run out to the local store that has allocated one aisle to the theme of  “weddings” and purchase a rolled up, aisle runner that is around $20. It’s made of paper, kind of like interfacing. One step on it with girls heels and it rips. It also looks like it’s worth about a buck twenty. STOP. Resist the urge to buy any paper product to walk float down the aisle to your groom.

new ideas for wedding aisle runners

Above are a few alternatives to your typical aisle runner. The first photo was a wedding we coordinated outside, the most challenging situation to have an aisle runner. Instead the designer laid down white dance floor. It was spectacular looking fabulous as well  as comfortable for the girls in heels. Cloth aisle runners have a hard time staying on grass, that’s why you see so many outdoor weddings with flower petals as the aisle runner. Just be sure to have your planner put the roses petals down just before  you walk through, wind tends to blow them away.

The second photos is an aisle runner made of white carpet! Such an interesting twist and we like to use this technique in venues that might have hardwood floors, so when the girls walk down they don’t sound like a herd of elephants.

The last photo is the an aisle runner at one of our weddings, Jenny + Adam. We didn’t do too much decor at the church, instead concentrated on the aisle. As always, we used cloth!

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3 thoughts on “dressing up your wedding aisle”

  1. You’re so right – many brides do not realize all of the great alternatives to the unsightly paper or plastic aisle runners sold at the local party decorating stores.

    One option gaining in popularity is the rose petal aisle runner or petal carpets that can be found at Petal Happy (http://www.petalhappy.com)

    From their site: “Petal Happy sells hand made petal aisle runners and gazebo carpets comprised of tens of thousands of high quality, life like petals affixed to a fabric backing.”

    So you get the dramatic and glamorous effect of walking down a bed of rose petals – & since each petal is attached, you can pre-lay your runner or unravel it just before your entrance. You don’t have to worry about clean up, wind, staining, tripping and all that jazz.

    These are perfect for uncoventional / outdoor weddings & indoor weddings too since a lot of venues don’t allow scattered loose petals.

  2. rose petals considered liter in a public park.
    i dont want to have to spend and hour chasing down petals.
    any other thoughts on what to use.

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