weird wedding mishaps:

As you know, many things can go wrong at weddings. MANY things. In the past years we have had many crazy mishaps that have happened, here’s just a few to mention:

  1. Recently we had a wedding party introduction that was done to a meticulously timed music intro. The groom was pretty proud of putting it together in advance. One of the bridesmaids introduced unfortunately FELL during the intro and dislocated her knee. When I say dislocated, her knee was facing the WRONG direction. She laid their screaming in pain (don’t blame her a bit) and there was a guest that is a chiropractor, he came and popped her knee back in place. The 2nd photographer shooter however, was totally grossed out and she fainted and hit her head. Update: the bridesmaid has to have surgery to fix her knee.
  2. A 2 year old flower girl walked down the aisle and then was taken outside by her father, because obviously she wasn’t going to be quiet during the ceremony. She was given a piece of candy, which she promptly started choking on. After about 45 seconds of her not breathing, which seems like an eternity, the candy popped out. Paramedics came to make sure she was okay. Bride never found out until the next morning.
  3. A bride, MOMENTS before she was to walk down the aisle, had her beaded trim along her veil break. The sound of beads hitting the floor was like a BB gun shooting off. A bridesmaid quickly grabbed it to stop the slew of beads falling and we sewed it up so she could make her wedding without her veil coming undone down the aisle.
  4. At the same wedding (bride with the veil), a groomsman was standing at the front of the altar and apparently locked his knees. While it didn’t seem overly warm in the church, his body temperature shot up. He fainted. Like a tree, straight over during the ring exchange.
  5. We planned a beautiful outdoor reception at a private residence. The bride, abhorred tents, it was not a money issue. After the guests sat down and was served salad, we check the Doppler radar system and realized that we would be seeing rain … like soon. At this point, there is no rain plan, it’s too late. I alerted the groom and we moved up the toasts and the first dances. The skies opened up and we had “sky to ground” lightening with quarter size hail. Needless to say, the guests took cover. The rain did stop and we ate, only to have the skies open up again with a good steady stream. The band’s cords were submerged under water, however,  we gave the band’s “tip money” to the sound engineer and he stayed and played his personal iPod. The evening was so much fun with impromptu dancing and a sing-a-long by a guest playing the piano.
  6. On the eve of one of our  weddings, our DJ’s establishment caught fire. The DJ was working late inside the building but made it out okay. He called the fire department, his boss and then us. We had another DJ lined up within one hour and only told the mother of the bride. The outcome was the DJ was able to make the wedding with all his equipment and the reception took place without anyone knowing the wiser. Including the bride, who was told at the very end of the evening.

Oh there is a lot more… perhaps a follow up post at a later date?

Moral of the story? No matter how much you plan, no matter how many times you call a vendor to confirm, no matter how much you want your day to go (ahem) “perfect”… life has a plan of its own. Roll with the punches and enjoy your wedding day.

What were your wedding mishaps?

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4 thoughts on “weird wedding mishaps:”

  1. Love this Saundra, make me think of all the things I have dealt with over the years which at the time you just take in your stride. Only years later you think oh gosh yes that could’ve been pretty bad! Hope the bridesmaid recovers ok?
    Bernadettte (from over the pond in the UK)

  2. We once had a drunk best man give his speech completely intoxicated and slurring, he would have pulled it off until he ended the speech by saying “I’ll be your best man at this wedding and your next” I have never seen a bride turn red so fast in my life, I would hate to be the groom or the best man after that speech.

  3. The groomsman passing out reminded me of myself!

    My mom’s best friend got married and I was the junior bridesmaid. The wedding took place outside and the bride/groom/best man/matron of honor were all inside this gazebo. The rest of us were around it. During the rehearsal I had leaned on the gazebo to hear what was going on. During the wedding I started feeling light headed and leaned on it to tell my mom I didn’t feel good. She told me “Kathryn stand up”… I did. The bridesmaid next to me saw my eyes roll into the back of my head and the person sitting next to my dad starting hitting him on his leg because I was about to pass out. My dad took off running and caught me before my head hit the concrete.

    My mom told the bride to keep going and they did.

  4. We had a wedding where the father-of-the-bride had a heart attack right before the toasts in a 300+ person reception. I was the only one on our team nearby and it was CRAZY. I was on the phone with 911 and they instructed me to stand up on a chair and ask that everyone please step away from him [at this point he had about 100 people clustered around him]. I didn’t stand up on the chair… but I have no problem having my voice heard. We got him separated from the crowd and the paramedics were there in about 2 minutes flat. I think he was fine after that, actually but I’ve never felt more sorry for a bride and groom.

    …but, as to your mishaps… I’m dying to know how you handled some of these.. I think you should do a follow-up with that!

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