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We’ve always been an advocate for engagement photos and have talked about it frequently on the pfe blog. Our engagement photo is still hanging on the wall of our bedroom, 22 years later. We are often amused at how sweet and young we looked.

a few tips before you book your engagement photo session …

  1. Be yourself. If you are a casual person, wear your favorite clothes and colors that make you feel good. Don’t try to be formal if that’s not you. Go to places that are meaningful to both of you. A restaurant, grocery store, cafe, whatever. Be you!
  2. Don’t be intimidated. There are a lot of creative engagement shots on Pinterest and all over the internet. You, be you.
  3. Book your trial hair and makeup appointment. You’re going to pay for this service anyway, why not book those appointments early in the day and take your engagement photos later in the afternoon?
  4. Time of the year. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your engagement photos until only a few months before your wedding IF the weather hasn’t been cooperating. It’s not that big of a deal.
  5. Several outfits. This is not necessarily something you have to do, but consider taking some clothing options to make the most of your session. So you can have a lot of different looks.
feature photo credit: equinox photography

3 thoughts on “plan your engagement photos …”

  1. Awesome tips here! Engagement photos can be stressful to think about, since everyone wants theirs to be perfect – but it’s good to trust the photographer and try to relax so your true selves can shine through in the picture.

  2. I agree with you, Jordan.
    Here is missed one more tip – don’t forget about smile, be natural in smiling 🙂
    Even if you are in not “smiling” mood, try to smile in a last sec. before shot.

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