10 things to stop saying to a wedding planner …

Wedding and event planning is often an industry that is envied by many people. Because it just seems so easy and fun. What they don’t know is the dark parts. Here are a few things that wedding planners would like you stop saying to them.

1. I planned my own wedding, I could totally do your job!

Awesome. Planning your very own special day and selecting every vendor, making every single decision to please yourself is EXACTLY like running a business. Where you have to sell your services, please dozens of brides at the same time and get hundreds of vendors on the same page.  It’s exactly like that.

2. People actually hire party planners in this area?

Nope. I pay my bills with little sweet paper notes outlined in glitter and sticker hearts. Took awhile for my mortgage company to get on board, but they finally did after our eleventh year in business. And don’t call me a party planner.

3. Would you like to help us with our (insert any name) charity?

We adore charities and giving back to our community. However we are a small business and simply cannot donate full-blown decor for your 600 person gala. Besides, we just met you 3 minutes ago, so perhaps you could give us another 20 minutes before you ask for donations?

4. My daughter wants to be a wedding planner, can she come shadow you?

Thank you for the employee referral. We actually prefer our potential team members to reach out directly to us, send in a resume, and read our website. You see, we carefully watch how they come across and if they can follow directions.

5. I would love to help you with your next wedding!

Awesome. Just so you know you’ll be giving up your Friday evenings and your entire Saturday. At most weddings we spend an average of 12+ hours on our feet working. Sound, good? Them: *crickets*

6. How much do you make?

When is this ever an appropriate question to ask someone? Next we’ll be sharing our number of sexual partners. I guess what you are really wanting to know is if this is a viable business that you could make a living doing, since you see me being successful. I’ll put it this way, there are many other jobs I have had and made more money. But those jobs sucked the life out of my soul every single day.

7. Your job must be so fun.

It is fun. It truly is and there are some awesome perks (um, food tastings). But this is truly a job. A career. And there are so many other not fun things that we have to do: budgets, spreadsheets, finding new business, receivables, payables, selling new clients, dealing with difficult vendors, working long hours under incredible pressure, waking up at 3am wondering where your next clients will come from … it’s work. Trust me.

8. Can you tell me the best photographer in town? I’m planning my daughter’s wedding and wanted to make sure we get really great pictures.

Ahh … the free advice question. We make a living on giving referrals. It’s our job on knowing vendors and who would make the best dream team for our clients, as they are all unique and individual. But I understand, sometimes this topic will just come up. Perhaps a better way to phrase this would be to ask if we have worked with (insert name) photographer. We’ll most likely nod, smile and say yes.

9. (from a vendor) We haven’t worked together in a while, when will our next event be together?

As soon as you refer us, I suppose. Referrals are a two-way street, darling. Do you ever bring up to your clients that you know a fabulous wedding/event planner? Or do you simply give them lots of advice on vendors, decor, etc based on your experience. Which is usually not from an aerial viewpoint that we may offer. We know you love it when we send a client to you, because we have basically pre-sold you. Think about reciprocating.

10. Where did you get those beautiful linens and vases from?

In order to remain valuable to our clients, it is our job to find unique decor and hard to find props. That’s what sets us apart and garners us more clients. Please don’t ask us for all our little trade secrets that helps put food on our table. We have to hold them close.

Did I miss any? Add your own thoughts below …

plan on!

13 thoughts on “10 things to stop saying to a wedding planner …”

  1. I tried being the wedding planner for my niece. All I can say is lady you earn every penny you make! I love my niece, but seriously wanted to strangle a few people involved! They didn’t want to rehearse, thought it was a waste of time. Changed their mind on what they wanted to eat, music, seating arrangements, where it was going to be and of course everyone had to question the bride as to was I really doing what she wanted! It was an outdoor wedding in the spring, but no one wanted to plan an alternate in case the weather turned bad (nope no tents). Didn’t want music then at the last minute, wanted music. DJ was requested and he quoted a price, then backed out. Lined up another DJ, the he wouldn’t contact us. A last minute DJ found, but FOB complained about the cost (gee you call them 1 day before the wedding, what do you expect?). Anyway, like I said, you can have the job ma’am
    and bless you for being able to do it without catching criminal charges!

  2. Being a professional Wedding planner Miami, I’m totally agreed to all of your points. Ir is voice of all planners around the world. You have done amazing job by taking a step forward by yourself, it will help us. Thanks a lot.

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