is the wedding industry ripping you off?

This may be a potential controversial blog post, yet hopefully a teaching one. Then we’ll get back to other wedding goodness.

Why is there a perception that the wedding industry is there to rip you off? Are we?

I get it. It’s one day. And to invest that kind of money, for just one day, to some, may seem unreasonable. Then there are others that have dreamed of this day and either have or will find the financial means to make sure it is a day for them to remember.

It’s all relative.

What is expensive to me, may be inexpensive to you. What I find what is important to me to spend my money on, may not be what you feel is important.

Remember Mrs. Field’s cookies when they first came out? Seriously, that was one expensive chocolate chip cookie. Flour, sugar, chocolate chips and an oven. But they flew off their counters because consumers deemed them to be something they wanted, needed and enjoyed.

Have you considered that your wedding is actually assisting with stimulating the economy? Mostly stimulating local businesses that EMPLOY people in your area.

Listen, whatever the budget amount you spend on your wedding is absolutely at your discretion. Just please don’t buy into that hype that wedding vendors are all here to “rip you off”. We serve a purpose for those that wish to purchase from us and we’re just like you. We have families, bills and a passion for weddings.

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6 thoughts on “is the wedding industry ripping you off?”

  1. When you charge significantly more for a wedding vs any other type of party, YES, you are ripping people off. But brides are stupid and blinded by the “it’s my day” mentality. I think going all out on a wedding is stupid. The end result is the same, whether you spend $100 or $10,000. I spent $1000 and I felt that even THAT was too much. I wish we would have just gotten married in front of a judge with a few friends and family members in attendance.

    1. Thank you Violet for chiming in. You would need to be a little more specific. From our stand point for OUR services, a lot more planning hours are involved for a wedding as opposed to a “party”. It’s way more emotional for our clients and they like to meet with us. On the wedding day itself, there may be a team of people present for 12-16 hours. This usually doesn’t happen for a 4 hour party. Between the pre-wedding events, the actual wedding, cocktail hour and then reception with guests could be (conservatively) 9 hours of events. This is not including setup or breakout.

      So yes, more hours = more work = more money.

  2. It’s all worth it!! I couldn’t do it without you!! As my mother would say, “you can always “rebuild” your money.” My wedding will be a once in a lifetime event, and I plan on treating it that way 🙂

  3. Absolutely EXCELLENT points. I think it’s so sad that people think that normal rules of society don’t apply to wedding businesses. Would you ask your dentist for a discount on that cleaning? You might not like how expensive it is, but you- you take it as it is. Do you demand the server at a restaurant give you a filet for 50% less of what it costs? No, because you know that they didn’t decide on the pricing. The wedding industry needs to stop being shown as “different” by the media. It’s any other business, and often times, as you pointed out, they EMPLOY people!!!

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