managing your wedding diy projects

We have a lot of clients that love to do DIY projects for their wedding. We totally encourage it. It’s exciting to be create stationery, favors and other original creations on your special day.

The only request (more like an admonition) is that you do your DIY projects in advance! The last thing you need to be doing is cutting escort cards or tying ribbons on ceremony programs at 2am in the morning on your wedding day. A waste of time at that point? Yes it is.

So don’t do it.

We’ve had clients who have done it right and have done it wrong. A few tips:

1.  Map out your projects and set deadlines. All of them should be completed as early as possible before the wedding day. Pick a deadline in your head and then make it one week earlier, just to give yourself some extra time to finish.

2.  Accept help from your loved ones. Don’t be so Type A and let them help you.

3.  Don’t be bitter when you don’t get offered help from your loved ones. That just means more work for you so space out your projects. Of course, when you have a wedding planner this is where they can really help. *wink*

4.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew or glue (ha, ha). I know that a lot of brides will have big ideas 10 months before the wedding that they may want to create, but in the end it just becomes too much.

5.  Know when to dump a project. Some projects become too much to complete to fit in with your busy schedule. It’s okay. Nobody will know.

photo credit: clarion creative photography
menu designed/created by real bride: brittany porter mcwilliams 2009

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