different love movies (in time for valentine’s day)…

Big Valentine smooches to all you love birds out there! We wrote a blog post on the best movies (just the last 30 minutes) in 2010, it’s kinda awesome.

So this year, let’s talk about the best love movies of all times and not given enough credit. Thus sayeth, me. You’ll notice a theme when you read through them.

When in Rome Beside the fact that Kristen Bell is insanely adorable with a smoking body, she gets to kiss on screen Jeff Duhamel. *sigh* This movie is quirky, laugh out loud funny and makes you smile. The premise: you cannot fight fate.

The Proposal Are you surprised? Sandra Bullock is a fabulous actress (good call on dumping her real-life husband) and she co-stars with, Ryan Reynolds. Both have impeccable timing with comedy and when they actually kiss for real, it’s steamy. It’s a perfectly enjoyable love story that is filled with lies and sheer comedy (thank you Betty White for your cameo).

Sweet Home Alabama Reese Witherspoon and John Lucus. A combination that is pure heaven. Southern charm and accents, city slickers from New York, a small town in Alabama and love is everywhere. It physically makes me smile while watching it and tear up with sadness and happiness. Actually own this movie.

Say Anything If you are an 80’d child, then you KNOW this movie. There is something about John Cusack… you know he’s not the hottest man in the room, but he is, just so hot. And sincere. And quirky. The female lead, I could absolutely care less about Ione Skye, sorry, she just wasn’t what you would watch on TV. However there was definitely a spark. And the ending…. with him holding the boombox over his head, playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel …. epic.

Notting Hill Let’s face it, Julia Roberts will and always be on some “love movie” list. She’s is awesome at this. And humor, which is a good thing. Now English films are quirky, but I like a lot of them. And while I realize Hugh Grant is not attractive. Not. At all. He does have a sort of charisma and self-deprecating charm. The movie plot is interesting (although almost 99% unbelievable) and the characters are interesting…. the sound track is pretty good too.

Letters to Juliet Did not see this one coming on the list, accidentally caught it on cable. Amanda Seyfried is unbelievably gorgeous and witty. Seriously, you can’t stop looking at her and that full head of blond hair. Her love interest is Christopher Egan (didn’t know who he was) but it totally worked. And the sheer plot is genius, all about fate and love … in Italy. For pete’s sake….

Hope Floats Oh hello there, Sandra Bullock. She is a natural as well for love and humor. I must be in love with Southern folks … I love their casualness, realness and let’s face it … boots and cowboy hats are cool. Harry Connick Jr. bats his long eyelashes and shows how a man should treat a woman.

Dan in Real Life Are you surprised? You should be. This is a seriously, eye opening and gut wrenching moving starring funny guy, Steve Carell. He’s a widower (pause for tissues) and falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend, Juliette Binoche. Just rent it … totally worth it. Great cameo by Dane Cook (the brother).

watch on!



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