…BEST LOVE movies…(but just the last 30 minutes)

This weekend is Valentine’s weekend….lots of love in the air. Including on TV. Today I caught some of the best love movies…just the last 30 minutes. You know the BIG ending that no matter if you watched the whole movie or not, it can make you tear up or clap with happiness.

So here are my picks…

Dirty Dancing – “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”… the last 30 minutes Baby shows courage, stands up to her father and finally has the guts to do that running flying thing in the air for Johnny Castle (sigh, Patrick Swayze) to catch her. Didn’t your heart just jump a little with excitement?

An Officer and a Gentlemen – Even though the last 30 minutes of this film does show Sid Worley killing himself because of his lying, trashy girlfriend; it also includes an awesome kick-boxing fight between Mayo (sigh, Richard Gere) and Sgt. Foley. But the BEST part, is when Mayo struts into that paper factory and picks up the love of his life, Paula, (literally) while wearing his “dress whites” (double sigh). Heart is still skipping….

Maid in Manhatten – What is not to like? We have a Hispanic and sassy maid, Marisa Ventura, who has met the love of her life, Christopher Marshall (sigh, Ralph Fiennes) but they are from two very different worlds. With the help of Marisa’s cutie-pie son, they are reunited for a superior passionate kiss. Reaching for the tissues…

Sixteen Candles – A quirky movie that brings us back to the pains of high school friendships, relationships, partying and ignorant peer pressure. Quite a cult classic and a little drawn out, the last 30 minutes is eventful! Samantha Baker, the heroine finally gets her man, Jake Ryan (sigh, Michael Schoeffling) as she leaves her sister’s wedding. Extra points for the hideous bridesmaid dress she had to wear and the awesome sports car Jake was leaning against.

Pretty Woman – Is there any need to explain this one? Call girl (nice word for hooker) Vivian Ward, gets the whole “fairy tale” she always dreamed of when Edward Lewis (sigh, Richard Gere) climbed the fire escape (even though he is deathly afraid of heights). Extra points for Vivian who make us all aware that girls who get paid for sex still have dreams, morals and ideals for their lives.

I’m sure I have missed LOTS of great movies that all the action happens in the last 30 minutes…. what’s your favorite?

watch on!


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