rehearsal dinner; who to invite?

You want to have a fabulous rehearsal dinner, but are not sure who should attend!

who attends?

The usual custom would be to invite the wedding party and their significant others, parents of the flower girl and ring bearer, immediate family and your officiant (and wife). This is a perfect list to keep the dinner intimate and small, also reducing costs.

However, with more couples having out-of-town guests, the rehearsal dinner is growing to becoming an additional event to the wedding weekend. Why ask your family or friends to sit at their hotels when you could be spending more time with them? Also, as a host, it’s telling your OOT guests that they are special and you appreciate them taking the time to travel and attend your wedding.

how do you invite?

Rehearsal dinners should have a separate invitation sent directly to the guest. This clears up any misunderstandings such as the wedding party knowing if their spouses/significant others are invited. For OOT guests you can send a formal invite in advance or leave an invite when they check in at their hotel.

Come back tomorrow for more details on your wedding rehearsal dinner!

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  1. We have a huge family, and had a lot of out of town guests as well. So we ended up having our rehearsal dinner at the local minor league ball park. Our BP and close family came for dinner and then everyone else came to join us while we watched the game, it was a great balance without racking up a huge dinner bill!

  2. What a great blog! I love the idea of having a small and intimate rehearsal dinner, for it is the calm before the big day. Thanks for the great posts, I adore reading them.

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