real vs fake?

It’s Green Monday here. Real vs fake? Real flowers vs fake flowers (excuse me, silk flowers…it’s all in the marketing message)? Real Christmas trees vs fake Christmas trees? It’s a quandary.

In general, I prefer real things over fake things any day (with the exception of fur – fake will do). Real flowers are beautiful and give life to a room. I adore real Christmas trees. I don’t mind the needles on the floor or the cleanup. The smell alone is worth it. Considering I never celebrated Christmas as child, I figure I’ve already done my part in helping reduce the cut down of small trees.

Of course you can get the real tree that is potted and afterwards plant it back into the ground. That is actually a viable option for us, as we live in an agricultural area.

So the decision for us came down to this: we had a fake tree given to us that was used as decoration in a starter home my husband built. The home was up for sale around Christmas time last year and our realtor decorated to make the sterile, empty house look more cozy.

So here we have this fake tree in our garage, complete with lights. It isn’t pretty. But it isn’t a Charlie Brown tree either. I figure since I already have the tree….then it’s better than either buying a real one or buying another fake one (shudder).

The final decision came from our Boy Wonder. When asked if he wanted a fake or real tree, he replied; “I don’t care, as long as there are presents underneath it on Christmas morning”.

Enough said.


4 thoughts on “real vs fake?”

  1. Good news! I just read an article that says buying a real tree is the “greener” thing to do. After Christmas you can have the tree turned to mulch for your yard. Also, trees are a renweable resource, especially pine trees (they grow faster than a lot of other trees).
    So, go get a real tree and enjoy the smell without worry 😀

  2. info on real trees…from experience… make sure you let them dry & unfreeze before you bring them in your house. (possibly in a garage) otherwise you will have a wet mess on your floor, plus keep you from getting electricuted when you reuse the lights from last year & one is broken. exposed wires & wet trees… bad combo. 💡

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