tossing the garter

who thought of this?

This is an interesting tradition that can be dated back to the 14th century when it was believed to have a piece of the bride’s clothing was to bring good luck. I’m guessing the brides back then got tired of having their dresses literally ripped off of them and came up with this compromise. Spread the luck, but save the dress!

If you are going to keep this tradition at your reception, you will actually want to wear two garters during the ceremony. One as a keepsake, the other as the throw away garter. You can place them both on the right leg, just above the knee. However, some brides will opt for the other leg because of a tattoo…so it really doesn’t matter.

who removed the garter from the bride’s leg?

A more important question to address is: “WHO remembers the garter”? I have seen a trend on having the best man remove the garter from the new bride. This is not correct. From a purely logical stand point, you just took vows to not have another man touch you in front of God, family & amp; friends. Why would you have his best friend go up your dress?

What you can do is have the single guy who catches the garter put it on the single girl who catches your bouquet for a photo op. That is of course, if they are both consenting to this idea! I guess it will depend if they find each other attractive?

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