wedding planning during the coronavirus

Can you believe we are living in a pandemic? It’s like we’re in a horror movie! I’ve been getting calls and doing interviews about wedding planning during the coronavirus and how it’s impacting the event industry and couples.

It’s tough. No one has the answers, except to remain cautiously optomistic. Will plans change? Yes. Will events still take place. Yes. They better! We need to get through this right now, so we can move forward.

I’ve had some thoughts in mind and tips to share if you are planning your wedding through a panademic or coronavirus, and instead of writing them all out I decided to do a LIVE YouTube video. First time! It’s a little longer than I would of liked, next time I’ll have notes so I can be more concise, but there is a lot of great info here if you are interested.

  1. What to expect with weddings and professionals at the end of the year.
  2. How to prioritize.
  3. It’s okay to feel, what you feel.
  4. Be productive.
  5. Limit your media exposure.

Hang in there folks, be healthy and safe! Don’t stop planning your wedding. It will happen!

plan on!

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