wind can affect your outdoor wedding plans

I  hear all the time from my clients when planning an outdoor element at their wedding, “I hope it doesn’t rain”.

Yeah, me too. But rain or heat isn’t the only inclement weather you have to be concerned about. Notice I said “concerned”, not “worried”. No use in staying up at night worrying about something you cannot control.

So there’s rain, but what about wind? I’m not even talking about 30mph gusts, just a really strong breeze can do determine to your wedding design and decorations.

how wind can affect your outdoor wedding plans

  • Anything with fabric/drape may need to be redesigned. Your beautiful asymmetrical drape for your ceremony backdrop? Yup, wind can absolutely mess it up.
  • Anchor or weigh your vases. They will blow over extremely easily which creates a huge mess.
  • For your tall gathering tables, use longer linen (132″) and tie a sash around it. I’ve seen linens literally blow right off those tables. Or consider the spandex ones, IF it fits with your wedding design.
  • Place cards or escorts? Say goodbye to them. We’ve used double-sided tape (in a pinch) to secure them to the linen. Or consider putting them in little frames or anchored in another attractive way.
  • Is there a way to create wind blocks without losing your aesthetic feel?

Remember, a little breeze is a really good thing at a summer outdoor event. Stagnant and stale air is horrible, especially in the midwest or south with our high humidity. But too much of anything can be a problem.

Just plan ahead, and you’ll be fine.

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plan on!

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