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“Insurance” is certainly not your favorite wedding topic, but an unfortunate reality. Don’t believe me? Call some couples on the east coast this past weekend. Over a year in planning and *poof* a hurricane named Irene comes through and cancels your big day.

There are other super-duper good reasons as well…

  • Venue requires additional liability insurance (many venues here locally require this)
  • Wedding vendor goes out of business
  • State or County shuts down reception venue
  • Additional liability insurance to cover private residence wedding/reception
  • Additional liability insurance to cover mishaps from guests drinking at the bar (yes, extra…even with licensed bartenders. Remember, attorneys and insurance companies go for the deepest pockets).
  • Illness or accidents to Bride or Groom
  • Wedding vendor never shows up
  • Venue construction prohibits wedding from taking place
  • Natural disaster
  • Photographer’s storage discs are stolen or damaged at wedding
  • Wedding gifts stolen
  • Property damage to rentals or venue

Okay, we’re freaking you out! BUT THESE THINGS HAPPEN.

We recommend visiting WedSafe. They have been in business since 1999 and are Underwritten by Markel American Insurance Company – Markel has a rating of “A (Excellent)” from A.M. Best. They are competitive and should be looked at, even to compare to adding an additional liability package off of your homeowner’s insurance.

This is what you’ll want to purchase:

[boxparagraph]Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus Insurance and Liability Insurance and Optional Host Liquor Liability[/boxparagraph]

There are ten different levels you can choose from (you can get a free quote online right now without filling out personal information). The average wedding in this area would be looking at $350 – $450. A drop in the bucket when you look at all the other expenses you’ll have.

Just think about it. We’ve had numerous weddings where our clients, HAD they purchased wedding insurance would have been able to recoup some of their money from rental companies and contracted vendors.

ps That photo was taken after quarter-inch hail and thunderstorm came through during dinner at a private, outdoor residence wedding reception. We lost the band because all their wires were submerged in 4 inches of water. Clients would have been able to recoup the rentals, some decor and the band expense.

plan on!


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  1. I am just starting out in the planning business and I saw this post. I went to the website that you recommended and there is no listing for Kentucky. Do you have any suggestions?

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