eight years of blogging …

Today marks EIGHT years of blogging. For giggles, here is the first blog post.

Blogging takes time and it’s hard when you hit a “writer’s block”. But we just love to talk about weddings and share ideas.

It makes all the time and energy when you receive a personal email like this one that was sent to us in January. This is the real reason we still blog.

Hello! I found your blog a few days ago. Just dropping a note to say I spent the past few days reading the ENTIRE THING! All the way back to 2006. Quite enjoyed every minute of it. I’m in North Carolina, so I cannot partake of your services, but I like what you’re doing and I enjoy how your personality shines through your blog.

I’m newly engage, flying by the seat of my pants. It’s nice to find blogs that keep it real 🙂

Thanks Ms. Milli


plan on!


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