diy and pinterest brides … caution!

Listen up you lovely DIY Pinterest loving brides! Please listen to this. Not everything you see on Pinterest is good (although we do enjoy that website, you can follow me here).

For instance, the Gold Glitter Mason Jar.

If you have ever worked with glitter, you know it is not the most friendly type of crafting. In fact, it’s quite unforgivable. Once you open that glitter jar, you are pretty much committed to having specks of glitter in your house, on your body, on your face, on the floor … for a very long time.


photo credit: somewhere on etsy, the page went down

I love me some DIY, really I do. We do a lot of it (check out our feature photo of custom banner we made for one of our brides). However, we just want you to proceed with caution when you are thinking about making your own decor for your wedding. In other words, learn from our experience and mistakes.

For instance, we had a wedding that was a Winter Wonderland. It was gorgeous. We used over 700 votive candles. You read that correctly. Eight people and 15 minutes we had them lit for the reception, but I digress.

We purchased faux snow flakes to put on the tables. A mound of snow flakes, votives on top and then branches (the bride and groom raided their acreage for real branches … hey this was back in 2005). White on white with lots of luminous candle light.


photo credit: todd pellowe photography

The problem was those beautiful snowflakes became pesky intruders on the guest tables. They grew legs and morphed their way into people’s plates, on the floor, on your fancy dress, men’s slacks, etc. You would think this wouldn’t happen, but it did. You can barely see the snow, you have to look really closely.

moral of the story?

While everything can look easy to create and beautiful, it can be hard to replicate and end up being a colossal mess at your event. So think twice. Try it out way in advance (not in bulk) so you can edit. Because not EVERYTHING on Pinterest should be replicated.

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

plan on!


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