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When you think about sending out your Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations and return postage for the RSVP’s, consider purchasing a custom postage stamp. We found these cuties here:


The USPS actually promotes Zazzle from their website, as they currently only offer TWO wedding themed stamps:


As you may have considered, but just in case, ALWAYS put together a complete invitation and bring it down to your local post office to have it weighed. Then you will know the exact postage you will need to purchase. This is tough to do when you are ordering custom stamps, but it’s possible.

Type/Weight Rate
Postcard $.33
1st class, 1 oz $.46
1st class, 1 oz – odd size* $.66
1st class, 2 oz $.66
1st class, 2 oz – odd size* $.86
1st class, 3 oz $.86
1st class large envelope, 1 oz $.92
1st class, 3 oz – odd size $1.06
1st class, 3.5 oz $1.06
1st class large envelope, 2 oz $1.12
1st class, 3.5 oz – odd size $1.26
1st class large envelope, 3 oz $1.32
1st class large envelope, 4 oz $1.52
1st class large envelope, 5 oz $1.72
1st class large envelope, 6 oz $1.92

plan on!


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