t.v. marriage proposals … let’s not

Can we just eliminate all live TV marriage proposals, especially ones done on morning talk shows? Let’s just not do it anymore and say we did.


  1. They are awkward, at best.
  2. Totally impersonal.
  3. There is usually not any type of intimate discussion, which is needed.
  4. It’s becoming as common as an engagement ring at the bottom of a champagne glass or put in a piece of cake. #yawn
  5. Nobody tears up anymore watching it … as bystanders, we critique your body language and whether you received a kiss on the lips first or on the cheek.

Don’t believe me? Watch this one (thanks Sharon for sending it to me):

However, the flash mob marriage proposals are still going strong (they will soon be passe as well). But at least there is some music and dancers to look at. There are lots of them but here is one of our favorites. Mostly because it’s not so overly rehearsed, real singers (yay) and the bride is completely surprised. Bonus points that the word WIMPY was in the background the entire time.

Then there is the movie trailer marriage proposal. Super cute, loved the editing. Not sure how all the family and friends were “in the movie theatre” without her seeing them, but we’ll run with it. Huge points for being funny.

However, the winner-winner-chicken-dinner for the BEST marriage and engagement proposal goes to one of the first Live-Lip-Dub. It involved 60+ of their family and friends, which is so meaningful.

If you watch it without crying, you better call a doctor, your heart is missing.

What do you think? Love to hear your feedback and list any links to your favorite or most awkward marriage proposals!

featured image: Today Show

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